Melodies of ‘Two Sides' on Istanbul stage

Published 02.06.2015 22:45
Updated 02.06.2015 22:52

Greek artist Zafeiris Melas, sings both in Greek and Turkish on his latest studio album "İki Yaka" (Two Sides). His song "Ta Mavra Matia Sou" (I Came a Long Way) stands out among the other songs on the album. Melas, who says Turkish language and songs in Turkish affect him deeply, talks about these feelings on the album and the artist expressed his happiness to release his 43rd album of his 40-year career in Turkey. Melas's new album was recorded both in Turkey and Greece. Produced by Stavros Parazentsis, the album features many musicians and ensembles including Istanbul Strings, as well as both Greek and Turkish instruments. Presenting the soul of the "two sides" with his songs, Melas presents his audience with a musical feast. He shot the first video of his new album, which focuses on the love between the Turks and the Greeks, for his song "Ta Mavra Matia Sou" in Greece. Melas, who will continue his concert series in the United States, Australia, Germany, Bulgaria, Sweden, Israel, Cyprus and Greece, will give his first concert in Turkey at Jolly Joker Istanbul on June 4.

When: Tomorrow

Where: Jolly Joker Istanbul

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