Italian photographer’s portraits depict famous celebrities

Published 21.06.2015 22:34

Firm in Istanbul's art scene, ISTANBUL'74 is continuing to showcase the work of international artists at its Karaköy branch this summer. Opening on June 6, Emmy-nominated director and photographer Francesco Carrozzi's "Portraits" will remain on view until the middle of July. Exhibiting notable portraits from the first decade of his career, the exhibition is about encounters, Carrozzini said. "Portraiture in its purest form is a reflection of spontaneous, curious and ceaseless encounters. Each final image becomes the outcome of practicing photography as an engaging experience. For me, these portraits are about showing the reciprocal relationship that exists between the photographer and his subject; what I take from them in a picture is given back as a reflection of an authentic moment," he went on to say. These beautifully lit photographs unveil a genuine intimacy and dynamism, reflecting a close relation between Carrozzini and his subjects. Having worked for prestigious publications like the New Yorker and Rolling Stone, Carrozzini has photographed world-renowned personalities including Robert De Niro, Kanye West, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Michael Bloomberg, Tony Blair, Keith Richards, Beyonce and Jeff Koons, just to name a few. Carrozzini has also directed several short films, documentaries, commercials and music videos that have been featured at the Venice Film Festival and the Lions in Cannes.

When: Until July 7

Where: ISTANBUL'74 Karaköy

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