Traditional Kurdish women's clothing exhibited in Iraq's Irbil Castle

Published 23.06.2015 20:31
Updated 23.06.2015 20:35

A collection of women's clothing from various countries is on display at a museum in Irbil Castle, also known as the Citadel of Hawler, which brings the history of the region to light. Hundreds of articles of clothing were collected and are now on display for the tourists who come to visit the castle. "People who come from different countries want to see the traditional and cultural works of the region. That is exactly what I am doing. We both promote Hawler and help people view the past," stylist Çıra Ergoşi said. Besides the clothes readily displayed at Irbil Castle, Ergoşi made some of the costumes by researching and reading historical books about Kurdish women who live or who have lived in various countries. "The Citadel of Hawler is a very important place for my study. We introduce people to the past in a historical place. As we observed the clothes, we noticed that they change even from one village to another. So, I know what I am trying to do is very difficult. The museum will get a lot of attention," Ergoşi said. She also expressed her happiness to have the chance to present Kurdish women's traditional clothes at the castle, which is still being restored. "After the construction is finished, the place would have regained its original appearance almost entirely," Ergoşi said. According to UNESCO, Irbil Castle is "the oldest place where human life has continued non-stop."

When: Permanent

Where: Irbil Castle, Iraq

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