Laughter Yoga workshop to release emotions

Published 30.11.2015 00:00

Duygu Pasin, a graduate of the Yaşam Atölyesi Personal Transformation Consultancy and former student of the founder of laughter yoga, Madan Kataria, invites everyone to Yaşam Atölyesi for laughter yoga. During this incredible event, you will enjoy laughing without reason and discover the child in you. Laughter yoga has many benefits. It releases the emotions that are pent up within. Since depressed feelings can cause physical, emotional and mental problems, laughter yoga is a good way to get rid of these emotions. Laughter yoga regulates your blood pressure as well, helps with circulation, digestion and the lymphatic system and helps discharge waste materials from the body. Laughter yoga strengthens social connections too. Being with people who are laughing causes us to mirror their actions and helps us to laugh together.

When: Dec. 2

Where: Yaşam Atölyesi, Istanbul

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