Pianist Anjelika Akbar to perform ‘Oriental Rhapsody'


Anjelika Akbar will take the audience on a journey to te 19th century Istanbul with her concert, "Oriental Rhapsody," on March 18 at Istanbul Naval Museum, which is also hosting the "Picturesque Istanbul Digital Exhibition." As a part of the exhibition, composer and pianist Akbar will gave a live performance at the Naval Museum. This unique experience, which blends music and painting, offers a chance to set off on a journey to where East meets West. Following the performance, the exhibition with digitally displays the works of the 19th century painters Melling, Schranz, Allom, Bartlett, Lewis and Ayvazovski on huge screens thanks to CodexArt technology will be toured with the audience. Akbar, who has worked on hundreds of compositions and live performances since childhood, has been focusing on the mingling of East and West for the last couple of years. Her compositions and include "Üç Cemre" (Three Jamrahs), "Bach a l'Orientale," "Türk Marşı Varyasyonları" (Variations on the Turkish March), "Gül'dür Gül" (The Rose Is the Rose), Doğu Fantazisi (Eastern Fantasy) and Anadolu Esintileri (Anatolian Breeze).

When: March 18

Where: Istanbul Naval Museum

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