Pera Film continues to screen metaphysical movies

Published 27.04.2016 01:15
Updated 27.04.2016 01:16

Pera Film presents its new program titled "Not in This Life! Metaphysics and Cinema," which will be screened in parallel with Pera Museum's exhibition "Giorgio de Chirico: The Enigma of the World." As a part of the film selection, Shane Carruth - who won Grand Jury Award with her debut film "Upstream Color" at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival - presents her multi-award winning film that is considered a masterpiece of independent cinema. Kris, the protagonist, is abducted from a bar and forced to ingest a drug that renders her susceptible to persuasion. When she awakens from her trance, she discovers that her life has fallen apart. After some time, she meets Jeff on a train, and soon realizes she might not be the only one to have experienced this ordeal and that something bigger is going on. The film, an entirely original and mythic romantic thriller, goes in search of truths that lie just beyond our reach.

When: April 30

Where: Pera Museum

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