Seljuk cultural and artistic heritage on display

Published 14.06.2016 22:28
Updated 14.06.2016 22:30

The exhibition "An Empire of Art: The Glory of the Seljuks" displays the cultural and artistic heritage of the Seljuks at Taksim Cumhuriyet Art Gallery until June 30. Composed of 300 paintings by painter Murat Erkan, the exhibition aims to reflect the art of the Seljuks via oil paintings on canvas along with gold leaf ornamentations. Erkan said that he was inspired by the architecture, rugs, ceramics and tile works from the Seljuk era, noting that the works featured at the exhibition were created over 10 years. Erkan said he continues to study the Seljuks, as their heritage reflects the Anatolian geography and is the perfect blend of the Central Asia and Turkish cultures. The artist said that he wants to introduce the artistic heritage of Seljuks to the world and concluded, "All I wanted to do is to mirror the details of Seljuk art in my own artwork."

When: Until June 30

Where: Taksim Cumhuriyet Art Gallery

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