Olympics exhibition offers visitors chance to try different sports activities

Published 19.06.2016 22:53
Updated 19.06.2016 22:57

Akasya Shopping Mall is currently hosting an Olympics Exhibition organized by "Thank You Mom" campaign runner P&G, within the framework of their Olympics sponsorship. Supported by Turkish National Olympics Committee (TMOK), the exhibition takes place at a specially designed exhibition area on Akasya's first floor north entrance between June 9 and August 31. Displays will include the gloves of legendary boxer Mohammed Ali, shoes signed by the greatest basketball player of all time Michael Jordan, a medal from the world's best swimmer the American Mark Spitz, and several important Olympic torches, along with special pieces from the TMOK archive. A special game and sports area where moms can play together with their children was prepared in accordance with the thought that "Any mother motivating her child to play sports is an Olympic Mom." Certain brands will offer special activities the visitors. Visitors shooting hoops at the basketball area will be able to watch themselves later in slow motion. They can experience every type of sports activities, including virtual football, volleyball services along with hurdle race and reflex games.

Where: Akasya Shopping Mall

When: Between June 9 and Aug. 31

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