Collective exhibition focuses on pieces and whole

Published 24.08.2016 23:25
Updated 24.08.2016 23:26

The new Mixer exhibition "Grid" brings together work by artists who divide the plane they work on into equal pieces, forming relations between these pieces and the whole and regard them as templates that define limits. "Grid," which is a template that is created by dividing a plane into rectangular or square pieces, sometimes helps people find their route on the map and sometimes support us to determine our way by building new relations between the pieces. Even if the pieces in the grid are equal to each other, they adopt the differences of the structures built on them.

While Mutlu Aksu and Egemen Tuncer, two artists included in the exhibition, interpret grids with pieces of soil, for Kıvılcım Harika Seydim and Harun Duran the grid is the human body; while they connect pieces such as the eye and heart to the whole, they build a new interpretation. Rengin Altınalmaz, Armando Rabadán and Furkan Öztekin use these small and equal parts as structural elements and each square is a door to its unique world. Irmak Canevi's three dimensional grid connects objects to the structure itself as if defying gravity. Grids by Deniz Tarcan, Burak Kabadayı and Zehra Doğan are structures that define the relationship between mankind and nature and their surroundings while at the same time they present their own examples by ruining this grid and thus the relationship.

When: Until Sept. 3

Where: Mixer Arts, Istanbul

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