Ceramic artist inspired by migration and longing

Published 25.08.2016 20:54

Artist Elif Aydoğdu Ağatekin presents her latest exhibition "Farewell," featuring ceramic works about families forced to migrate, and who are destined to experience trauma, longing and farewells. They do not only leave their homes, neighbors, cities and neighborhoods, but also their memories. They close and lock the doors of their houses, even though they know that they will not be able to return again. "Farewell" is an exhibition which tries to tell the audience about the lives that are rebuilt through the pieces of a little girl's memories. The broken ceramic pieces are reassembled by the audience; however, they also force the viewer to let go and leave, to in other words say farewell. Artist Ağatekin investigates this feeling of nostalgia through old photographs, broken plates like those of your grandmother, portraits of elderly members of the family and doors which closed eternally, against the desire of the owner. The exhibition is open at Gallery Selvin until Sept. 10.

When: Until Sept. 10

Where: Gallery Selvin, Istanbul

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