Istanbul gallery displays Arno Fischer's work


Held by Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa) and Goethe Institute in Istanbul, German photographer Arno Fischer's photo exhibition will open its doors on Dec. 8 at Milli Reasürans Art Gallery. The exhibition will also put a reference book published by ifa and composed of a wide range of Fischer's works on display and sale for art lovers. On the opening day of the exhibition, Fischer's pupil, Andreas Rost, will organize a special exhibition tour for those who want to get to know Fischer and his works better.

While the exhibition mostly consists of Fischer's black and white photos, the visitors can see a selection of Polaroid photos taken by Fischer himself. Curated by Mathias Flügge, the exhibition will remain open until Jan. 7 next year. Born in 1927 in Berlin, photographer Arno Fischer preferred to portray the daily lives of ordinary people in the most striking way. Fischer was trained as a sculptor during the World War II; however, decided to continue his artistic journey as a photographer. Standing out with his works for the fashion magazine "Sibylle," Arno Fischer passed away in 2011.

When: From Dec. 8 to Jan. 7

Where: Milli Reasürans Art Gallery, Istanbul

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