Akbank Sanat to host Asena Akan Quintet

Published 01.06.2017 23:11
Updated 01.06.2017 23:13
Akbank Sanat to host Asena Akan Quintet

One of the most powerful vocalists in Turkish Jazz, Asena Akan, who also works as a vocal coach in addition to being a composer and performer, will perform at Akbank Sanat on June 7. Akan will perform a repertoire consisting of popular works from Brazilian jazz along with albums "Istanbul'un İzleri" (Traces of Istanbul) and "Golden Heart," the lyrics and composition of which belong to her. Trumpeter Şenova Ülker, keyboard player Tolga Bedir, contrabass player Volkan Hürsever and drummer Riccardo Marenghi will accompany the musician during the concert.

Istanbul-born artist Asena Akan began her musical education with violin courses at Istanbul Municipality's Conservatoire when she was five. Having certifications of both graduate and postgraduate programs at Istanbul University Department of Psychological Counselling, Asena Akan graduated from the Opera Department of State Conservatoire in Istanbul, in 1988.

She conducted vocal and theory workshops with Randy Esen, Donovan Mixon and Aydın Esen as a result of her passion for jazz. Giving several concerts since 2000, Asena Akan experienced various styles like rock, soul, flamenco, bossa nova and jazz. Her first album, "İstanbul'un İzleri," containing nine works, was published by Z Productions Kalan Müzik in 2013. Her second album, "Golden Heart" was released in 2016. Akan also organizes creative music workshops at Istanbul Bilgi University.

When: June 7

Where: Akbank Sanat

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