'Hydre' gives further meaning to buildings

Published 01.06.2017 23:12
Updated 01.06.2017 23:13

In cooperation with the Istanbul French Cultural Center and Sahne Pulcherie, the "Hydre" dance performance, will be performed in Istanbul on June 2 and June 3. The show was designed to be performed alongside historical buildings. This extraordinary show will offer spectators the chance to re-explore the building of Sainte Pulcherie, the French High school, which was built in 1891. With the aim of combining performing arts with historical buildings, the Center for National Artwork in France will organize residences for choreographers at symbolic locations listed as national heritage sites for two years.

The "Hydre" show, which is designed by Yuval Pick for the Royal Monastery of Brou, will evaluate a place that is full of memories, with an extraordinary combination of dance and music. On its European tour, the show will be performed in Romania (at Sibiu on June 6 and at Bucharest on June 9), after Istanbul.

With his group, Yuval Pick will offer a real-time confrontation between the layers of time in the building and the dancers' sensitive bodies. The show invites both spectators and dancers to a journey into the most blazing environment of sacred and earthly architecture. A conversation to bring together the dancers and spectators will be held after the show.

When: June 2 and June 3

Where: Sahne Pulcherie

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