Group exhibition questions nature of truth

Published 07.06.2017 01:19
Updated 07.06.2017 01:21

Artists Hülya Sözer, Yağmur Yılan, Aytuğ Sertsarı, Zafer Malkoç, Hasan Sarıtaş, Doğukan Çiğdem, Deniz Defne Acerol, Serkan Küçüközcü and Nesli Türk opened an exhibition titled "What is the truth?" last Saturday. In the universe, where the search for truth is non-stop, questions still remain. In this context, it would be wise to take the existential debates that turned into a problem by 19th century philosophers as reference. Self-searching is the witness of the artist's production process.

All special entities have an existing core. Artists trying to understand this core through art exist thanks to their productions. The founder of modern aesthetics, Baumgarten, says it will be possible with aesthetics to reach the philosophy of information offered by emotions. Artists looking for the ways of reaching objective reality by producing aesthetic art work came together for the exhibition "What is the truth?" The joint project by Cihangir Art Project and Erva Art Gallery, the exhibition will be open until June 13 at Erva Art Gallery.

When: Until June 13

Where: Erva Art Gallery

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