Toy event challenges socially constructed gender roles

Published 07.06.2017 22:34
Updated 07.06.2017 22:35
Toy event challenges socially constructed gender roles

Founded by Sunay Akın, Istanbul Toy Museum will host an extraordinary event. Featuring the most favorite examples of toy history dating back to the 1700s, Istanbul Toy Museum will be touched by the new generation, which will reinterpret the toys inside. Throughout the process, Barbie may leave the house to become a scientist, "the Flying Automobile" may be James Bond's first vehicle, the plush toy specially designed for the 100th anniversary of the Charlot character by Charlie Chaplin will be recreated and start to tell stories.

Students of Bahçeşehir College Science and Technology High school will rebuild hundreds of toys and Barbie dolls, which have an important role in the life of several generations. Playing on the toys, students turned the role models causing the young girls come down with anorexia trying to lose weight to be able to seem like Barbie and even young girls have their ribs removed by operations into toys which helps them gaining self confidence in early ages.

Such toys, most of which are handmade, were recreated by modern Technologies like 3D modelling and shaping with CNC devices. Almost 100 year-old toys will be taken from their display lounges for the first time and will be presented along with their new versions developed by the students. The organization will be open to visit on June 8, Thursday, at Istanbul Toy Museum with the participation of Sunay Akın.

When: June 8

Where: Istanbul Toy Museum

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