Outdoor concerts to kick off at Beyoğlu venue

Published 14.06.2017 00:45
Mabel Matiz
Mabel Matiz

"Sanat Performance" stage that opened its doors in Beyoğlu, where the heart of music and entertainment beats, will leave its mark on summer with outdoor concerts to take place in July and August. The prestigious organization at Beyoğlu, "Sanat Performance Open Air Concerts" will welcome many various pop and alternative voices including Yaşar, Selami Şahin, Mirkelam, Gökhan Türkmen and Mabel Matiz. Opening its doors in Nevizade area, one of the historical and touristic locations of Beyoğlu, Istanbul "Sanat Performance" continues to be one of the haunted destinations of music lovers and is a nominee to be deemed as "the" outdoor concert venue of this summer hosting different musical genres.

"Sanat Performance Outdoor Concerts" will kick off in July with a concert by Yaşar and will bring together Selami Şahin, Mabel Matiz, Mirkelam, Gökhan Tepe, Manuş Baba, Adamlar, Son Feci Bisiklet, Kurtalan Ekspres and Nev with music lovers. Opened by Sanat Group, which serves thousands of people every day with a 20-year-expertise in Beyoğlu, "Sanat Performance" stage can host up to one thousand five hundred people and hosts artists and bands who have introduced a different point of view to music with its outdoor area.

The program will turn the perspective of music lovers inside out and proves that the heart of art beats in Beyoğlu. 20 years ago, Sanat Restaurant Cafe & Bar opened up its doors at the ground level of a historical building on Nevizade Street, serving its customers at just six tables and now, with its terraces, garden and performance are can host up to 3,000 people.

When: Throughout July

Where: Sanat Performance Stage

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