Pera Film to screen White Night Wedding

Published 21.06.2017 00:10
Updated 21.06.2017 00:11
Pera Film to screen White Night Wedding

As the summer solstice approaches and the daytime hours grow longer day by day, Pera Film invites you to spend your summer nights in front of the silver screen. You are invited to attend Jon's wedding. On the special wedding night which hosts people of various cultures, you will gain a unique experience.

However, neither the unsmiling faces, the complaining relatives nor the drunken friends cheering all night nor the striking age gap between the bride and the groom will disappoint you. While these may be considered "problems," the real problem is that Jon's wedding is held in Iceland on June 21, the night when the sky is completely lit and the sun never sets. Directed by one of the most popular Icelandic directors Baltasar Kormakur, the movie owes its power to the humor of the North.

Where: Pera Museum

When: June 21, Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.

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