Two seminar series on philosophy, contemporary art by Akbank Sanat

Published 25.11.2019 17:54
Updated 25.11.2019 17:59
Ebru Yetişkin will moderate the “Contemporary Art / An Unknown” seminar series.
Ebru Yetişkin will moderate the “Contemporary Art / An Unknown” seminar series.

Akbank Sanat in Istanbul's Beyoğlu district is hosting the "Seminar Series on Philosophy" again in the new season. The seminars, scheduled for November 2019 - May 2020, will be moderated by Emre Şan.

This year, the theme of the seminar series is "Crisis and Critique." The aim of the seminars is to discuss some figures of modern and contemporary philosophy around the idea of crisis, and critical concepts from the same root. Critique in the sense of philosophical reflection on crisis inevitably leads to reflection on the philosophy itself, its status, its ability to describe its own crisis, and its ability to solve it. The primary objective of the seminars is to look closely at contemporary examples of the critical tradition in philosophy and to explore what kinds of intellectual and social crises they are trying to respond to.

The seminar series, which will be free of charge, will continue until the end of May. "Kant's Project of Critique and the Crisis of Contemporary Philosophy" session will be conducted by Ayhan Çitil. "Crises of Legitimacy and a Discursive Philosopher: Habermas" will be given by Kurtul Gülenç while "Nietzsche's Critique of the Writing of History and Praise of Active Forgetfulness" will be given by Zeynep Talay Turner. Emre Şan's session will be "Crisis as a Phenomenological Problem: Meaning, Action and Event." The "Crisis, Critique, Criterion: Transitions Between Culture and Civilization" seminar will be conducted by Besim F. Dellaloğlu. While Zeynep Gambetti will give the seminar titled "A Critique of Presentism: Crisis and the Perception of Time," Ferda Keskin will conduct "Critique as Historical Ontology."

Another seminar series of Akbank Sanat is "Contemporary Art / An Unknown". The seminars, curated and moderated by Ebru Yetişkin, present new perspectives to the contemporary art audience through presentations by specialist speakers.

The seminar series "Contemporary Art / An Unknown" will share the little-known aspects of contemporary art in Turkey with different perspectives, learn together and discuss. The program will focus on bio-art, hybrid art, artificial intelligence, media archeology and forensic architecture through exemplary artistic works. The seminars include presentations for those looking o learn about the experimental and current trends of contemporary art. The seminar series, which will continue until April 2020, consists of a total of six seminars.

Meanwhile, the "Learning Machines and Artists Learning with Machines" seminar will host Bager Akbay in November. Questions like "How does learning take place?," "How do machines learn?," "How and what do artists learn with machines?" and "What are the current examples of artificial intelligence in today's art?" will constitute the basic framework of this seminar series.

Bager Akbay studied Communication Design at Yıldız Technical University and Interface Cultures at the University of Art and Design Linz. After working as an actor and puppeteer at Kara Tiyatro, he has been teaching at various universities for 10 years. He is currently mentoring education and design companies and making art at the iskele47 art studio.

You can visit the website of Akbank Sanat to learn more about the exact dates and hours of the seminars.

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