Special New Year's workshops for kids at Pera Museum

Published 18.12.2019 15:52
Updated 20.12.2019 02:29
Special New Year's workshops for kids at Pera Museum

Pera Museum in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu district has consistently organized various workshops for babies and children. A follow-up to the concert it held for babies on Dec. 15, the museum presents “My Sparkling Ornaments and New Year’s Tree” and “Rope Art on A Paper Plate” workshops for children aged between 4 and 12.

The participants of the workshops slated for Dec. 21 will have a chance to develop their social, emotional and motor skills.

Children between the ages of 4 to 6 years old will get a chance to design Christmas decorations in geometric forms at the “My Sparkling Ornaments and New Year’s Tree” workshop.

They will design lights, ornaments and New Year’s trees from cardboard. In the scope of the New Year’s workshop, little participants will learn to prepare decorations by drawing geometric shapes on cardboard in the first stage; lights from paper colored with acrylic paints in the second stage; and two-dimensional Ne Year’s trees from different materials such as wood, beads and buttons to top it all off.

The design workshop aims to contribute to the development of children's motor and cognitive skills.

Children aged between 7 and 12 will learn how to do string art on paper plates at the workshop “Rope Art on A Paper Plate,” which has been designed to improve children’s concentration and motor skills. The participants will learn the art of string by processing wool yarns on plates.

Kids will first draw dots on paper plates with pens and markers, and then, after poking holes through them, they will thread their design with yarn.

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