'Recolor' exhibit touches up urban transformation

Published 02.01.2020 13:57
Hakan Sorar, Recolor 1, Fujifilm Instax Print, 2018.
Hakan Sorar, Recolor 1, Fujifilm Instax Print, 2018.

Artist Hakan Sorar's exhibition "Recolor," which presents experiments on photography and illusions, will meet art lovers at the Trump Art Gallery (TAG) in Istanbul's Mecidiyeköy neighborhood. In his works, the artist re-builds photographs of urban areas that are constantly transforming and leaving traces behind with a new language. The solo exhibition will run till Jan 31.

In his works, Sorar transmits memory, which he re-colors, breaks into pieces and transforms in his frames, through artificial-natural duality.

In his photographs, the artist explores the concepts of city, urban transformation, body, body-space relationship and presents fictional realities by playing with the nature of photography. The artist also includes objects outside the city in his photographs and emphasizes consumption and the needs of fast-changing urban people. In addition to digital printing, the artist uses instant film and navigates on the fine line between photography and painting through interventions in photographs.

Curated by Kenan Bahadır Derre, the exhibition "Recolor" can be visited at the end of this month at the Trump Art Gallery, located on the B3 floor of Trump Shopping Mall.

Sorar, hailing from the discipline of engineering, stepped into the art of photography with training in painting and photography in various workshops. Using instant films, he focuses on the concepts of city, humans and memory in his works and has a special interest in topics such as human-space relations, urban transformation and changing architecture. Sorar investigates the relationship between humans and changing environments in graphic compositions that combine human figures and architectural elements.

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