Get fit for summer: Ways to workout at home

Published 04.06.2018 23:26 Modified 05.06.2018 15:02
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Summer is nearly here, and if you are looking to get in shape before hitting the beach but don't want to commit to a gym, here are some of the best ways to get a good workout at home

Getting to a gym can be tiring in itself, while regularly practicing yoga and pilates at centers can be expensive, leading to a lack of motivation by many, especially as the temperatures rise. Thus, a good regular workout can be difficult at times, especially for expats who are already out of their element. However, there are a number of excellent ways to exercise at home at any time and length of your choice with websites, apps and video programs, giving you no more excuses to lay low when it comes to regularly working out.

For beginners

If you are rusty or new to working out, then starting out slowly and evenly with yoga may just be the best way to go. The benefits of yoga are countless, such as weight loss, stretching and flexibility and clarity of the mind, all of which are certainly reason enough to get a mat and get going. Furthermore, if you practice with the pros at home, you can become fluid in your postures and impress when you take your practice to new venues. Luckily for us in Turkey, American expat and yoga teacher Alexis Gulliver has founded a unique exercise platform focusing on yoga and aptly named Yoga Uni. The Yoga Uni website offers a wide variety of yoga, pilates and meditation classes of sorts of styles and lengths and led by dozens of the best trainers in Turkey. Classes are taught in Turkish and English, with a number of well-known expat yoga teachers also among the ranks, including Alexis Gulliver, Stephanie Sayegh, Ray Rizzo and Roxy Menzies. Membership to is TL 39 ($8.43) monthly to access the full videos; however, you can get a sneak peak when visiting the website, which also operates a convenient search engine based on benefits, style, difficulty level and time length.

BeFit is a website and YouTube channel that has hundreds of workouts you can watch in a wide variety of styles and lengths. This is a more entertaining option to get in a light workout, with videos led by the likes of Jane Fonda, Jillian Michaels and Dolvett Quince from the reality weight-loss show "The Biggest Loser." This platform has something for everyone and is a great option for those who need a little more entertainment in their workouts. For example, BeFit even has a whole dance series devoted to renditions of dance routines from the classic film "Dirty Dancing."

There are also a number of apps available to help boost your exercise routine or lack thereof. For example, Pacer is a classic pedometer and fitness app that enables you to track every step you take or to calculate your progress on particular routes.

If you are looking for even more motivation, then Charity Miles may be the right choice for you as you can walk, run or bike and then the app's sponsors make donations to charities of your choice.

The Nike + Training Club has long been a favorite for fitness enthusiasts with a variety of workout options, some even taught by professional athletes such as Serena Williams and singer Ellie Goulding. The newest addition to weight loss apps is Noom, a revolutionary take on providing personal trainer services from the convenience of your phone.

With Noom, you are paired with a real life personal trainer who you can message at any time or take part in group chats. You are asked to keep a food journal and rate your motivation each day in a method that seeks to tackle some of the causes of the tendency to overeat in addition to incorporating healthy changes to your lifestyle.

Aaptiv is another app with a wide variety of workouts offered by personal trainers; however in this case the focus is on incorporating music of your choice to get your heart rate pumping in the cardio sessions offered.

The last twenty

If you are one of those people that just have a small hurdle left to reaching your own physical perfection, then the Beachbody website is a great place to find a workout that will literally burn away those final pounds. Have you heard of P90X yet? In truth, it had its heyday in the decade following its inception in 2003; however, P90X remains to be one of the true and tried methods in which to reach your optimal level of fitness. The P90X program, for which there are a number of variations and difficulty level options, is an all-encompassing 90-day program that pairs resistance training with cardio in order to achieve a concept called "muscle confusion," to enable ultimate results, whether it be weight loss or simply getting buff.

The program designed by the entertaining Tony Horton, purports to give you a "beach body" if you stick through the entire three months, which could very well be true, depending upon variables.

I did it and saw results like I have never had before. But beyond weight loss, this program gives the layman a solid footing in weight training, flexibility and even yoga, and is a great steppingstone to achieving total fitness.

While the Beachbody website and their on-demand program offers a wide number of exercise programs, the P90X program and more recently the "Insanity" workout series have especially become all the rage. "Insanity" is a workout program devised by Shaun T. that has become legendary for its high intensity workouts that purport to let you lose up to 1,000 calories in an hour. While "Insanity" is the ideal workout for fast weight loss, it may take some working out just to work up to the level to be able to complete a course and for that, the P90X series is perfect.

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