Rabia Z designs for Turkish women

Published 17.06.2015 23:24
Updated 17.06.2015 23:27
Rabia Z designs for Turkish women

Rabia Z, the first fashion designer to showcase modest fashion with models wearing the hijab at the London and New York Fashion Weeks, has designed a scarf collection exclusively for Turkish women

World-renowned fashion designer Rabia Z, whose name has become synonymous with the concept of "conservative chic," is back on the fashion scene after over two years with a special hand-painted silk scarf collection designed for women in Turkey. In a business collaboration with Modanisa, Turkey's first and the world's largest online modest fashion store, Rabia Z's hand-painted, 100 percent silk scarf collection was launched Monday along with her signature tissue jersey shawls at Modanisa's new physical store in Istanbul, with company Chairman Kerim Türe also in attendance.

Very excited to be in Turkey with her brand, Rabia Z, who said that she aims to inspire the women in Turkey, drew attention to the similarity in the styles of Turkish women: "I took a break from my fashion journey after giving birth to twins. Two-and-a-half years later, I am back with Modanisa. The style of women in Turkey is very similar. Since style is one of the ways people express themselves, I believe they need to be a little more original. I aim to make a little difference with the varying touches in my designs."

Consisting of 35 different pieces, the designer's scarf collection boasts bold colors, floral themes, pastels and geometric prints with a hint of pop art in the season's favorite colors. Also introduced in addition to the twill silk collection, her signature plain-colored tissue jersey sheyla (shawl), designed to offer "effortless chic," is new to the Turkish market. The most striking theme in this jersey collection, "Full Bloom" – also exclusive to Modanisa – is the magnificent meeting of trend colors with modern prints. Available in black, ecru, emerald green, gold, maroon, coral and dusty pink and aimed to offer women comfort throughout summer, it will be interesting to see if Rabia Z's worldwide popular sheyla will find demand in Turkey.

In reference to her Ruby by Rabia Z outfit collection featuring fluid kimonos, tunics and skirts in dynamic and vibrant colors and prints – also soon to be available at Modanisa – the designer emphasized the significance of the fabrics she uses for her designs, because women, she says, should not have to make any concession to comfort to be chic. Rabia, who loves to drape and reflects this in both her personal style and designs, said: "Since I always emphasize comfort when offering stylishness, I make sure that the fabrics I use reflect this notion as well. With the kimonos, I aimed to go outside conventional forms to create a voluminous look."

Designed exclusively for Turkish women, Rabia Z's newest collection along with her popular undercaps, which provide neck and chest coverage when worn under loosely-wrapped scarves, can only be purchased online at modanisa.com and Modanisa's Istanbul store.

Modanisa, established in 2011, taking the lion's share of the world's online modest fashion market with 35 percent, offers over 30,000 products from some 300 brands and ships to more than 57 countries worldwide.

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