February: Time to spoil yourself with the ultimate winter makeup look

February: Time to spoil yourself with the ultimate winter makeup look

Winter may be cold and gloomy, but there is nothing that a little brown and burgundy eyeshadow and pink cheeks can't fix

Arguably the most underrated season, winter has negative connotations for many people since it is cold, has long dark nights and usually causes uncomfortable conditions for an average human because of things like the flu that confine us to our homes. However, despite its disadvantages, winter also has many positive features that many of us are guilty of overlooking. It is an excuse to wear knitted, thick sweaters, to have ultra-heated rooms in which we can all get drowsy, and to have long, deep, intimate conversations with our loved ones for hours at nighttime. Now, for the sake of these blessings that winter brings into our lives, it is high time to spoil ourselves with the season's colors in our makeup.

One of the biggest negatives of the winter months is the cold weather and its endless effects on us, especially on our skin. Although the cold weather blesses us with some of the greatest miracles of nature, such as snow, it also remorselessly takes the life out of our skin. That is to say, it dries out our body, causing dehydration and sometimes even cracks. Thus, the aim of the first step of a winter makeup look is to bring the life back to our skin. The most effective way is to use a moisturizer every morning and night, regardless of whether you wear makeup or not. A moisturizer moistens your face, gets rid of dry patches, and brings back the light that left your face due to dryness. Additionally, massaging your face with a moisturizer every day also helps with blood circulation and revives your face's skin cells.

Although moisturizer lightens and hydrates our face to some extent, since our face has dried out so much already, an illuminating primer would work as an excellent base for our makeup. An illuminating primer is not only beneficial for increasing the longevity for our makeup and establishing a canvas that our foundation can stick to, but also brightens our skin and gives it a healthy, glowing from within look.

Matte brown, burgundy colors on eyes

Despite the fact that we have made our makeup base bright and moisturized to look healthy and not like a shattered ice box, for the rest of the face, matte products tend to compliment a winter look the most. Matte products are not only more beneficial in hiding small flaws and pores, but they also provide a look that is cool, yet classy and chic at the same time, just like winter itself. When it comes to a color spectrum, dark, brown and burgundy tones are the ones that suit the season the most. They not only remind us of fireplaces that we look forward to seeing during these days, but they also establish a great contrast with cold undertones of the season and thus, flatter our face more than any other color.

The most practical way to achieve a matte, burgundy eyeshadow look is to build up the colors slowly and gradually. Since we are dealing with the darker end of the color spectrum, using a light hand to pick up the product on your brush may make the blending process easier, as you don't want to accidentally ruin your makeup look with a ton of product at once. You can start with soft brown colors with a slightly cool undertone in them and then slightly darken the color you choose in each step while deepening the crease at the same time. Then, take a pigmented burgundy shade and slowly build it onto your lids until you reach the desired opaque color. The key factor in any successful makeup look is to redo your steps with passion. For instance, after you build up the color on your eyelids, go back to your crease color and blend your crease once more, since the colors in your crease need to be in harmony with the colors on your eyelid. By repeating our steps, we prevent us from losing our colors that we have built before the blending process.

A healthy look for the rest of the face

When it comes to makeup for the rest of the face, matte products are, again, the ones that we prefer to use to reach the ultimate winter look, except for the highlighter. As far as blush is concerned, while any color that compliments your skin tone and overall makeup can be used, since it is winter and our skin has lost its moist, light and color at the same time, using one or two shades darker than your usual blush would be best and even beneficial for the healthy look of your skin, as long as they are used moderately. When it comes to bronzers, although it depends highly on your skin tone, generally, during winter, since our skin has a lighter tone due to the lack of sunlight, so slightly more cooled toned bronzers may suit your look the best. It would look more natural since there is no sunlight to effectively bronze your skin. It may also be used as a contouring product thanks to its cool vibes.

As far as the lips are concerned, the main point is not to forget one of the main makeup rules: Less is more. To put it another way, in makeup, balance is key to reach a chic, fancy look just like everything else in life. Thus, for example, when your eyes are dark and dramatic, it is generally the norm in makeup to go with a more natural, nude color on your lips. However, at this time of year, since we already suffer so much from the harsh weather conditions, we all deserve to be a bit rebellious and have the right to break the rules. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that for an ultimate winter makeup, dark lips are one of the key elements that surprisingly compliments dramatic matte eyes in the best way possible. Burgundy and deep brown colors are again the way to go, just like in every other part of our makeup. Although in order to achieve the perfect matte look on your lips, liquid lipsticks are the best, since winter dries out our lips as well, using a regular matte lipstick instead might be wiser for the sake of your lip health.

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