Traditional kutnu fabric draws attention at Paris fair

Traditional kutnu fabric draws attention at Paris fair

Kutnu, a traditional Turkish silk fabric native to Gaziantep, has attracted a lot of attention at the international fabric fair Premiere Vision in Paris.

President of the Kutnu Promotion Group, Julide Konukoğlu said they want to promote kutnu globally with the help of Gaziantep Mayor Fatma Şahin.

"To be present here at Premiere Vision is very important for us. We are promoting the fabric under the brand Kutnia. We want to export kutnu to different countries in the world. It is unique and has been woven since the early 16th century," she said.

Kutnu is a natural silk-cotton blend and comes in more than 60 different motifs. In Turkey, the art of weaving kutnu is practiced only in Gaziantep. It is an important part of the traditional local costume and is a true hand-crafted product requiring different work at each stage of production.

Many Ottoman-era kaftans worn by sultans were made using the fabric and people all over Anatolia would aspire to own a kaftan made from kutnu.

The fabric used to be made on wooden looms with a shuttle-and-pulling-whip, but today it's woven on more advanced dobby and jacquard looms. Although the type of loom may have changed, the weaving method has remained the same throughout the centuries.

Premiere Vision Paris, one of the most prestigious fairs in the world, displays a variety of fabrics including silk, cotton and denim.

This year a total of 163 Turkish brands are attending the fair.

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