Paris Hilton praises Turkish hospitality at Antalya fashion show

Published 11.06.2018 15:56
Updated 11.06.2018 16:10
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AA Photo

American fashion designer Paris Hilton praised Turkey for its warmth and hospitality during a fashion show in the country's southern city of Antalya.

Speaking at the Dosso Dossi Fashion Show on Sunday, Hilton said she was very happy to be at the important event, adding personal words for the people of Turkey.

"I always tell my friends they need to visit Turkey. The hospitality in Turkey is really special. The people are so warm," she said.

Hilton, who has visited Turkey multiple times before, added: "These beautiful things always stay in my mind. I am telling the people I live with, my friends and community about here."

The fashion show, organized by Dosso Dossi Holding CEO Hikmet Eraslan, runs from June 7-12 in The Land of Legends Theme Park.

The 37-year-old model donned four different outfits to walk the runway Sunday, including a sheer black top and mini skirt and a striking scarlet dress with high boots.

Alongside Hilton, Turkish models Çağla Şikel, Deniz Akkaya, Demet Şener, Şebnem Schaefer and Özge Ulusoy are also participating in the event.

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