Masculine is the new Feminine

Published 19.11.2014 02:17
Masculine is the new Feminine

Women’s 2014 winter fashion trends have hit stores with masculine cuts, shapes and sizes, proving that women can do it better

Listen up fashion lovers! So, you want to go shopping this winter for the perfect jacket and boots and all the other accessories (like you do every winter), but you cannot decide what to buy. You want to look fashion forward and buy pieces that will be a good investment for the future, but also keep you warm and trendy this winter. If this sounds like you, then have no fear; we have got the perfect fashion guidebook for you this winter with tips to keep in mind when you are shopping for the perfect combination.

To sum it up, we can say that masculine is the new feminine this year. What does this mean? It means that women's clothes are starting to look more like men's. From our big bulky shoes to our oversized jackets, this look has become the "it look" among fashion lovers around the world. More and more, we are starting to see our ladies shopping from the men's section in stores and copying the style of men. How exactly are they doing this?

The Jacket: This winters jackets are big, bulky, fuzzy and warm. The oversized box cut can be seen on jackets in all fabrics and colors. These coats are inspired from men's clothing but with slimmer lines to add a hint of feminine. With streamlined silhouettes, cleaner lines and lengths that vary from mid-thigh to below the knee, these jackets are a must have for your wardrobe. To pull this look off, keep the rest of your outfit fitted. Wearing outfits that hug the body inside your oversized coat will help avoid the chubby look. These fashion forward coats include a variety of fabrics such as wool, fleece, knit and velvet so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

The Shoes: Shoes are the most important part of your outfit, as the right ones can change the whole look of your outfit. Chunky and masculine shoes are all that anyone is walking in this season. From combat boots to oxfords, women have proven that they can do it better. The perfect leather boots are inspired from men's military wear and have made it all the way to fashion magazines. Weather they be leather or suede, combat boots can go with any outfit. Wear them with ankle socks peeking out the top to give your outfit a grunge look. Oxfords are another example of men's fashion inspiration. Varying from different colored leathers to shiny patent leather, these shoes come in many different styles. Wear them under rolled cuffs to attain that fashion "wow" factor.

Accessorize: Accessories are must-haves for any outfit you wear this winter, so choose your accessories wisely. Scarves and hats are obviously going to be your go-to items during the harsh weathers of the season. Ranging from faux fur to knitted, scarves have made their statement in this year's fashion. Prints and textures vary from brand to brand, but scarves are especially long to give them a layered look this season. As for hats, this year the winter fedora has won the title of "boldest fashion statement." Fedora hats have been among men's must-haves for years and now its time for women to rock the look. The sizable fedora hat is an elegant and classy touch to almost any outfit you can wear this winter. If you're not one for big hats, then a simple beanie will also do. Sometimes simple is key and the beanie, like years past, is still popular for winter wear this season.

Plaid: When you hit your favorite store this time of year, you will notice that plaid is back in style. Yes, that's right, plaid. Originally known as "the lumberjack's shirt," plaid has hit the fashion community as one of the top trends this year. The masculine look is now a part of almost every woman's wardrobe in different shapes and styles. This stylish yet classic print is on shirts, jackets, pants, hats and even handbags. Both men and women can make this look work by embedding hints of the original lumberjack style into their outfits such as a beanie and black leather boots.

Colors Galore: Color is everything. To match the masculine concept of clothes this winter, colors in women's clothing have also been altered. Things have taken a darker turn in the world of fashion. Pinks and purples have been left behind for macho colors such as dark greens and navy blues. Black is still an essential color for female wardrobes, but now it holds a place next to other dark colors. One of the most popular colors in the category includes dark reds. Ranging in tones from purplish to full on crimson, reds have become a staple in women's fashion this winter.

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