Earning money on social media: Some revenue-sharing websites


New social media sites not only affect our habits and how we follow life, they also change how people earn money, as many sites, including tsu, Infobarrel and Pond5, help people earn a living online in different professions

Working from home is becoming more and more popular by the day, and with emerging websites that share revenue with its content creators, it's becoming easier to just create and get paid. Whether it be creating an online profile, writing freelance or selling media content, it's easy for anyone with an idea to benefit from the sea of opportunities on the web. It is possible to earn money and buy shares in advisements on mainstream social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook, but professional, famous users prefer to get thousands of followers to earn money. Here are some easier ways to earn money and some unknown revenue-sharing websites for different professions that amateurs can use to get paid depending on their shares.

TSU ( www.tsu.co)

Tsu is a new social media network that splits its ad revenue with users, paying them to actively post and share content on the platform and to invite friends to do the same. Founded by Sebastian Sobczak and based in New York, tsu first came out in late October 2014. Rapidly gaining ground since October, tsu is different from other revenue sharing websites, as it takes only 10 percent of the ad revenue it generates and passes 90 percent back to its users. All the ad revenue tsu makes in one day is distributed to users based on how many organic posts or views they get during that 24-hour period. The more views and engagement you generate as a user, the larger portion of the pie you get! Sobczak talks about the philosophy of tsu by saying: "All content creators, which is basically every social user, should receive royalties for the commercial use of their image, likeness and work. They essentially do all the work; they should get rewarded with the lion's share. What people don't realize is how much value is created by these platforms on the backs of basically everybody's networking." Even though it might seem as if tsu would only profit popular profiles such as the ones of celebrities or public figures, you actually have other ways to make money off it. With tsu you are not only being paid to compose content on the website, but to also contribute to the community -- otherwise known as the "family tree." Your ability to bring in new people and to expand the family tree essentially determines the amount of money you make. This is great news, as it means even if you aren't generating much revenue or posting daily, you can still make money off your friends' posts by being the one who invited them. To do so, tsu provides a unique code that allows users to invite his or her friends to the website.

The inspiration for tsu came from the story of Ed O'Bannon, a former UCLA basketball player. O'Bannon sued to challenge NCAA rules banning athletes from making money from their own images. Later on, the Supreme Court decided in O'Bannon's favor, and he won the case. The story later inspired Sobczak, who supports the idea that people should get paid for the content they produce.

We don't know whether or not tsu will become the next big thing in social media, but if you're looking for a way to make some cash while socializing, give tsu a try!

InfoBarrel (www.infobarrel.com)

InfoBarrel is an outlet that enables media producers and content developers to write and publish their materials online and generate income, where site users can find all the information they want straightaway. Launched in July 2008, InfoBarrel is a multi-functional website where users can find an abundance of content of How-To and DIY (Do It Yourself) guides along with general information spanning different areas of knowledge. Content uploaded to InfoBarrel is organized into relevant groups, such as business, entertainment, health, home, lifestyle, tech and travel. Becoming a part of the InfoBarrel community is actually quite simple. Basically, all you have to do is sign a form and submit articles for the consideration of an account manager. If all goes well, your work will be published online, and you will be able to add a Google AdSense Publisher ID to your profile. Whether it be a film review, tips on spring cleaning or a list of the best tourist destinations around the world, there is an article on just about everything. Users composing content on InfoBarrel receive 75 percent of revenue from the ads shown on the article. There are even ways to donate earned revenue to charity as well.

The amount of money you can earn by writing articles for this website is variable as it really depends on how much content you produce. Let's give a realistic example to help understand the statistics: Let's say that you took some time out of your schedule to write two articles every single day for a year. By the end of that year you would have built up a collection of 730 InfoBarrel articles. Multiply the 730 articles that you have written by the 50 cents that each InfoBarrel article earns: the answer is astounding. You will have built up a passive income stream of $365 per month.

We aren't suggesting you quit your day job to write articles for InfoBarrel, but if you are looking for a different and innovative way to earn some money, give it a go. You have nothing to lose!

Pond5 (www.pond5.com)

Pond5, based in NYC and headed by CEO Tom Bennett and Dana Tower, is an online marketplace for royalty free media, or as they say themselves: "The world's most vibrant marketplace for creativity." Founded in 2006 as a way for video producers to license content to third parties, Pond5 subsequently expanded into other media types, including photos, music, sound effects, 3D models and Adobe After Effects templates. Pond5 does not itself own the content it represents, but instead aggregates and sells content created and owned by its contributors. These contributors determine the selling price and earn 50 percent of revenue. The creator or owner of the content keeps all ownership rights to it and can sell it an unlimited number of times, keeping the 50 percent share for each purchase made.

Easy to register and summit content, Pond5 is yet another easy way for content producers to make extra money from their work.

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