Voting for the 6th British Kebab Awards begins

Published 20.04.2017 00:06

Kebab restaurants, one of the largest lines of business for Turkish and Turkish-origin entrepreneurs in the U.K., will soon be awarded by the British Kebab Awards sponsored by British takeaway service Just Food.

Kebab shops and restaurants across the country keep Britain's high streets booming. The voting for the 2018 awards has just begun on the awards' new online website. Voters are now able to vote for the best kebab houses in the U.K. via The restaurant management teams are able to promote their restaurants with leaflets and commercials in order to collect votes from their customers. The organizers are asking kebab restaurant managers and kebab lovers to get involved with the voting to make the best out of the kebab business in the U.K.

The British Kebab Awards is organized to draw attention to the kebab industry, which contributes over 2.2 billion pounds to the British economy annually.

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