Sweet ayran becomes favorite of Aussies

Published 15.09.2017 00:26
Updated 17.12.2018 15:36

At Fine Food Australia, the country's biggest food fair, a Turkish origin businessman introduced sweet ayran, a normally salty drink made with water and yogurt, and managed to win the praise of impressed Aussies.

Produced by Sydney-based businessman İbrahim Özdemir, sweet ayran featuring fruits and probiotics offers a nice twist to Turks' national drink.

Stating that sweet ayran, which is mixed with watermelon, chocolate, banana and coffee flavors, is quite popular among Australians, Özdemir said: "Aussies love ayran, but they always told me they wished it was sweetened with certain flavors. So, we decided to introduce sweet ayran with the flavors Aussies love the most."

Özdemir's sweet ayrans are featured in major shopping malls and markets in Sydney and contain probiotics that regulate the digestive system. "Recently, Australians are very keen on everything that contains probiotics, hence, we included probiotics in our formula to give a sweeter taste to people while helping them," added Özdemir.

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