Enjoy late summer at trendy restaurants

ARDA SAYINER @ardasayiner
Published 16.09.2017 01:06
Updated 16.09.2017 01:09
Enjoy late summer at trendy restaurants

After a long summer season spent on beaches across Turkey, it's time to discover new places to enjoy late summer with delicious dishes

The highly anticipated summer season is now coming to a close and there are extraordinary examples across Turkey of where you can enjoy a variety of flavorful experiences for your taste buds before summer ends. Here are my suggestions for the best places where you can enjoy meals in September's warm, less sweltering weather in Turkey.

The first stop is Bodrum. The restaurant Mufla, owned by the dear Seda Eratlı and managed by Nuri Dal, is sure to add simplicity and pleasure to your September plans. Meaning "earthenware pot made of clay," Mufla is a place where even the tableware has been meticulously chosen in line with this theme. Located in the Yalıkavak neighborhood of Bodrum, Mufla sits on the seafront and is pretty capacious.

The first things that will attract your attention here will certainly be the "mezes" or side dishes served on a buffet in the open kitchen, just like your kitchen at home. You should definitely try the Crete dip sauce and Albanian pia with eggplant. A giant palm tree with evil eye talismans hung on it will greet you. Famous people who dined here have hung the evil eyes on the tree and made good wishes. You can guess how many famous people came to Mufla by the large number of evil eyes hung on the tree.

When it comes to meals, the menu is very rich. Chic-style tables next to the sea and the beautiful view really serve the appetite of the eyes. What I liked the most was lamb loin with nuts. However, the lamb shank with goat cheese was also superb. If you don't prefer to eat red meat, you can also try the salmon with ginger. For vegetarians, on the other hand, in addition to the mezes, the leek with figs can be a nice alternative.

Among the desserts, on the other hand, creme brule with lavender is my suggestion. Seda Eratlı's attention and Nuri Dal's good company are also as wonderful as the meals. Make sure to visit this enjoyable restaurant in Bodrum before the summer ends.

The Thai Dishes Festival, introducing Thailand's unique dishes to the public, is being held at the Shangri-La Bosporus Hotel until Sept. 23.

Another place you must visit is in the city of Istanbul. Located in Ortaköy, Ruby has utterly become the most popular spot in the city. The place, managed by the brothers Ali and Erkan Ünal, is drawing the attention of local and foreign visitors with its picturesque view of the Ortaköy Mosque and the Bosporus Bridge.

The venue catches the essence of the summer season even though it opened up in the middle of July, providing service both with its bar and restaurant sections. The seating section on the first floor with palm trees and the bar section where there is a giant mirror are rather enjoyable. The restaurant section located on the top floor, on the other hand, is breathtaking with its views.

Reservations are required here, where service is provided every day from 5:00 p.m. onwards. The menu, on the other hand, features world cuisine. In addition to Turkish dishes, there are mostly Mediterranean cuisine flavors and the menu targets tourists who come to Turkey, foreign business people and upper class, local guests.

Ali Ünal said they pay special importance to foreign tourists. In the scope of this goal, he indicated that staff members got together with travel agency owners and upper level managers from the tourism industry and shaped Ruby in line with tourists' expectations. Ruby is sure to be enjoyable during the winter months, as well. You can visit the place any time before summer ends as well, as it is famous for after-dinner DJ performances as much as for its meals.

My last suggestion for September, on the other hand, involves another culture. The Thai Dishes Festival, introducing Thailand's unique dishes to the public, is being held at the Shangri-La Bosporus Hotel until Sept. 23. This time, the service quality of the luxury hotel in Beşiktaş is coming together with Thai cuisine over many different choices in the scope of the festival.

Many traditional flavors exclusive to Thailand, such as the Thai platter, Tom yum gong, pad Thai wrapped in egg omelet, sticky rice dumplings, Thai herbs, jumbo prawns and more come to the fore. There are also appetizer selections cooked with various techniques and a wide variety of ingredients. Go on a tour of Far East flavors before September ends and spoil yourself.

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