Food wasted around world could feed billions of hungry people

Published 21.09.2017 23:43 Modified 21.09.2017 23:46

Food waste around the world could feed at least 2 billion people every year according to recent research. In fact, wasted food also results in significant economic losses.

Confederation of Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen (TESK) President Bendevi Palandöken said 40 percent of the vegetables and fruits grown in Turkey are wasted every year. "A good part of our production is wasted even before it reaches our homes. Up to 30 percent of Turkey's food production is wasted before it hits our tables and 10 percent is wasted at home," he said.

Leftovers from every person lead to 114 kilograms (250 pounds) of wasted food annually. If consumers would be more aware of their shopping habits and the amount of food they put on their plates, all of the world's hungry could be fed with the one-quarter that the world simply throws away.

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