Welcoming the new year with new flavors

ARDA SAYINER @ardasayiner
Welcoming the new year with new flavors

With only a week left until 2018, it is time to try some new flavors to go with new successes, new trips and new joys

A number of new restaurants have opened in Istanbul before the coming of the new year. Here are some new destinations where you can treat yourself before 2018 comes.

Our first stop is in the Karaköy district of Istanbul. Neu x colonie, the renovated and resigned version of Colonie that opened in 2014, is a must-visit spot. Reminiscent of pubs in Berlin, it has a very fresh style and is a favorite hangout of the middle age group. With "neu" (new) in its name, the venue represents the new socialization culture that is popular in Berlin. The graffiti on the walls, high ceilings and seating groups inside offer a cosy atmosphere.

Neu X Colonie.

The menu, consisting of traditional delicacies created with the magical touches of an experienced chef, attracts attention. There are both shared plates on the table and snacks served with the drinks. Veal entrecote, sea bass in salt, bonito baked with veggies, Turkish noodles with cheese, and grilled patties are some of the flavors offered. Kokoreç pizza made in a wood-fired oven and eggplant pita are among the best dishes. The spot polishes off an enjoyable environment with their DJ performance, which continues from early evening until the late hours on every weekday except for Mondays. Remember to drop in and visit this trendy venue as soon as you can.

The next stop is in the Levent district. Named after a door number, Passage 178 is one of the newest, most dynamic and friendly places in the Kanyon shopping center. It is waiting to be discovered, with its delicious food that can be enjoyed any time of the day surrounded by warm and comfy decorations. The nostalgic floors bring to mind early Beyoğlu apartments, and the large wooden table in the middle and the small shelves by the wall have indeed added warmth to the venue. The long tables are especially ideal for a get-together with your family or friends before the new year.

Passage 178.

You can kick start your day with a nice breakfast, continue your day with a joyful lunch and finish it with dinner full of fun and entertainment at Passage 178. It offers yummy food and delicious cocktails by master chefs who work wonders. The venue's menu includes croissants, scrambled eggs, and poached eggs with yoghurt for breakfast. Beef, spinach pita made in a wood fire, salads, pastas, desserts, spring rolls with duck meat, wild mushroom risotto and burgers are just a few choices. Pay a visit to Passage 178 at your earliest opportunity.

Our last destination is on Bağdat Avenue. Neni Brasserie, one of the new addresses of the Asian side of Istanbul, appeals to everyone, with its delicious cuisine, stylish decoration, cozy atmosphere and jazz music. Opening on the street of Caddebostan Culture Centre short time ago, "Neni Brasserie" gets its name from an Egyptian queen who lived in the 13th century. It feels like a typical French local brasserie which begins with breakfast, continues with lunch and dinner and carries on with coffee and bar drinks all day long.

The modest yet elaborate menu of Neni Brasserie, which was formed in consultation with successful French and Turkish chefs of the sector, bears traces of French, Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines. Neni Brasserie adds flavour to the morning hours with jams, local cheese, various egg recipes and freshly squeezed fruit juices. All are prepared with seasonal and natural ingredients. The Mediterranean flavours, such as hummus appetizers, buffalo burrata and eggplant stuffed with whey cheese attract special attention. While grilled steak medallions, crispy duck and crunchy pizza are preferred as substantial main courses, light and fresh tastes such as spinach salad with orange, and Roquefort salad with beetroot are served as well. The rich menu, which includes pasta varieties such as creamy pappardelle with wild mushrooms and shrimp linguine, also has some delicious desserts such as Pavlova, which must definitely be tasted, among other delicacies.

Neni Brasserie stands out not only for its delicious menu but also its decoration highlighted with wooden structures. Every detail used in its decor reflects the feel of a French brasserie. The design, which is a kind of classical architecture realized with the use of a vintage concept, bears the signature of Ertürk Özkaragöz. Drop in at the earliest opportunity for a nostalgic journey!

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