Chinese New Year celebrated in Ankara with Chinese food week

Chinese New Year celebrated in Ankara with Chinese food week

Chinese New Year was celebrated at an event organized by the Chinese Embassy in Ankara with the participation of China's ambassador toTurkey and Deputy Foreign Minister Ahmet Yıldız.

Chinese Ambassador Yu Hongyang, Directorate of Press and Information head Mehmet Akarca, many deputies and guests attended the opening ceremony of the Chinese cuisine week.

Speaking at the event, Hongyang said: "The [Chinese] New Year, an important element of the outstanding cultural tradition of the Chinese people, embodies the dreams and feelings of the Chinese people as well as cultural intellect, and conveys the social morality and understanding of the Chinese people from generation to generation."

The ambassador also said that Chinese New Year has been celebrated both in China and many other countries. "Chinese New Year is becoming more and more accepted in the world with its unique charms, and it is gradually becoming a universal feast that the whole world celebrates and shares together. We are aiming to share the joy, happiness and the peace of the Chinese New Year with the Turkis

h people by organizing a Chinese Food Week at Turkey with the arrival of the China Cookery Association gastronomy delegation and also showing Turkish people to Chinese culture," he said. At the Chinese Food Week, nine famous chefs from different regions of the country will share their original recipes until Sunday.

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