Good food, good memories: Adana Delight Fest kicks off

Published 05.10.2019 00:04

This weekend, you won't go hungry in Adana because the city with the best food in Turkey is hosting the long awaited Delight Festival. The 3rd International Adana Delight Festival will be held under the theme "Great Mediterranean Feast" until Oct. 6, and will bring the cuisine of Adana and the Mediterranean together.

Held and Merkez Park in Adana, the festival, which will be enriched with gastronomic shows by international chefs from guest countries along with authentic, national chefs, will offer an opportunity to eat the delicious tastes of the city. While the international festival is colored by the booths of prominent delight brands in Adana, tasting sessions, panels and cuisine workshops will also take place.

The event will welcome Mediterranean countries, such as Italy, Morocco, Lebanon, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), Spain, France, Tunisia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania and Greece along with South Korea, the guest country.

If you want to spend quality time with your friends and family with a belly full of good food, you are invited to Adana this weekend.

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