How to prepare the most delicious Turkish coffee

Published 17.11.2019 19:22
Updated 20.12.2019 01:44
Turkish coffee is cooked in a special coffeepot and best served in a small porcelain cup. File Photo
Turkish coffee is cooked in a special coffeepot and best served in a small porcelain cup. (File Photo)

There might be tons of different coffee types but there is nothing like Turkish coffee. With its finely ground coffee beans, a brewing technique that has remained the same for centuries and the unique style of service, Turkish coffee is one of the most traditional and delicious coffee types in the world. Turkish coffee is also recognized by UNESCO and was added to the Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2013.

However, it is not easy to cook this coffee if you want to do justice by its legendary delights. At the panel session titled “A Cup of Coffee Has Memory, History” at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University on Nov. 14, experts talked about the golden rules of cooking and enjoying the best Turkish coffee.

They first thing to keep in mind is that more than three cups of Turkish coffee might be a little too much for our bodies; hence it is important to know our limits.

The most important part of cooking the most delicious Turkish coffee is quality and preparation of the coffee beans. It is preferred to grind the Turkish coffee beans right before cooking it just to make sure it is as fresh as possible. Also, the coffee should not be made with hot water to prevent the bitter taste.

The timing of cooking is also crucial. You should add room-temperature water and two teaspoons of Turkish coffee into the coffeepot and heat it between 2.5 and 3 minutes on a low heat.

The choice of your Turkish coffee cup also affects the taste. Traditionally, coffee connoisseurs prefer to drink their Turkish coffee with elegant and thin porcelain Turkish coffee cups but experts advise you to use thick porcelain cups, as they keep the coffee warmer than the thinner cups.

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