Turan's return and the panic at the TFF

Published 11.08.2017 22:41
Updated 12.08.2017 00:21

After Arda Turan's decision to leave the national team and Fatih Terim's resignation, the Turkish national team was left with no coach and no captain. With four games to go in the World Cup qualifiers, Turkish Football Federation (TFF) tried to steal the successful coaches working at Beşiktaş and Başakşehirspor, Şenol Güneş and Abdullah Avcı, from their clubs. Nevertheless, given these coaches know how troubled the national team is right now and the fact that they are in the Champions League this season, the TFF had to abort the mission. Then, they turned their eyes to an old friend, someone who is the subject of endless transfer gossip in Turkey, Mircea Lucescu. Of course, having no job at the moment and being aware of how much the TFF is willing to pay, Lucescu accepted the offer for four games. Now the question is, with Arda Turan's return to the team, can the Turkish national team create another miracle in the next four games and qualify for the World Cup?

First of all, Lucescu's successful career and knowledge of Turkish football is always a plus. The Romanian coach would not lose much time adapting to the national team. The other thing I like about Lucescu's career is that he has been able to create long-term success, especially at Shakhtar Donetsk. Over 12 years he took Shakhtar from an unknown team to a constant competitor in the Champions League. Added to that, he managed to do it with a fairly low budget and a bunch of promising but unknown players, whom Shakhtar later sold for millions.

However, the problem is that Lucescu has not been appointed to oversee the next 10 years of the national team, but to save the TFF over four games. Even though Lucescu is a versatile coach and he can also do a short-term job, as long as this saving-the-day policy continues, the fate of the national team will be jump between crises, miracles and saviors. The TFF is incapable of showing the required character to support a coach over the long term with all the costs, and their attitude is the main reason for the instability in the team. The latest proof of this is their decision to let Arda Turan return to the national team and be the captain of the team again.In an interview, TFF Chairman Yıldırım Demirören said, "Arda is always our captain and we always need him. He made the wrong decision by leaving the national team, we only gave him a minor penalty. Now everything is up to Arda, he will always be the captain of this team."

Now, there is a dilemma here. If the chairman is sincere about his words, where was he when Fatih Terim and the press crushed Turan? If he is not sincere, how miserable looking is it that a chairman begs for an excommunicated player to return?Do not get me wrong, I was always against Turan's departure, despite the awful thing he did. Bu the fact that the TFF is in total chaos and the executives who rule Turkish football have no idea about what to do next is what I am concerned about. You cannot expect this team to become a consistent contender at tournaments without having the right character. Thus, the problem with the national team is not about quality but character, a truly administrative problem. Even if Lucescu somehow manages to get a World Cup ticket, it impossible to achieve real success without having the right motives and the right game plan.

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