Study shows women in Turkey suffer from vitamin D deficiency

Published 10.06.2015 00:28

A study conducted at Tepecik Training and Research Hospital, revealed that 80 percent of the 10,089 women who participated in the study, suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Head of the research study, Associate Professor Ayfer Çolak, said that they have been observing the vitamin D levels in women who were admitted to their hospital for the last two years.

She said that this vitamin is synthesized from sunlight or can be taken as a special supplement, and underlined that nearly 1 billion people around the world suffer from vitamin D deficiency. "Eighty percent of the women that were admitted to our hospital in the last two years suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Our study only focuses on İzmir, however we know that vitamin D deficiency is a problem for women in every part of Turkey," Çolak said.

She said that vitamin D supplements are added into milk and milk products in the U.S. and in margarine in Europe. Explaining that vitamin D deficiency can lead to many health problems, Çolak said that bone health is directly affected by vitamin values. Stressing that many health problems, from autoimmune to skin diseases, are caused by vitamin D deficiency, Çolak said: "Scientists discovered that vitamin D deficiency plays an important role in most diseases. We advise women to have their vitamin D levels measured regularly and take supplements to balance their values."

She said that thousands of tourists come to Turkey every year to benefit from the sun, and added: "We are a country that always sees the sun, especially during the summer, but we do not benefit from it sufficiently. Arms and legs should see the sun for 20 minutes between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. twice a week. I think we aren't doing it enough." She advised people with vitamin D deficiency to eat fish, milk, eggs and cheese. Çolak said that patients should consult to a doctor and have their vitamin levels measured before taking vitamin D supplements, as excessive consumption of it makes it a toxic substance that might negatively affect health.

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