1 billion people under hunger threshold, 1.3 billion obese

BURSA, Turkey
Published 22.11.2015 22:20

The Chamber of Food Engineers under the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) said at the 9th Food Engineering Congress that 1 billion people are living under the hunger threshold, while 1.3 billion suffer from obesity-related diseases. Taking place in İzmir from Nov. 12-14, the congress announced that the problems of food security and safety are increasing worldwide. The congress committee said that the current result is an outcome of neo-liberal policies around the world. To better run food control, there should be more food engineers working in the Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry. The congress report said food engineers should be on senior staff teams at the ministry. The report further said that the food legislation must be reviewed with the contribution of all related stakeholders based on a participatory method.

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