Turkish Green Crescent's map fights against addiction

Published 27.04.2016 01:34

To fight against drug, alcohol and technology addiction around Turkey, the Green Crescent Society - known as "Yeşilay" in Turkish - will create a nationwide map covering addiction rates in seven regions. Mehmet Akif Seylan, Green Crescent Society's deputy general manager, said the map will allow them to identify which region has higher addiction rates.

"The map will make our project much easier to carry out," Seylan continued. The new project is undertaken as part of the Green Crescent Society's nation-wide "Fighting against Addiction Program." Aside from this, groups of trainers visit schools to give informative sessions on different types of addiction. Seylan said they are aiming to reach 20 million students by the end of 2016. The trainings are conducted in partnership with the National Education Ministry. The society works for the protection of society and particularly of young people from tobacco, alcohol, drug and technology addictions. With 130 branches around Turkey, the society organizes youth camps at certain times in a year and is in continuous collaboration with United Nations agencies on relevant projects.

In fighting against addiction, the society conducts research, developing and implementing projects by using scientific and evidence-based methods. It works to increase social awareness about addiction through social, cultural and sports activities as well. This month, the society signed the World Green Crescents Federation's founding declaration along with representatives from 30 countries. The World Green Crescents Federation also aims for an efficient global fight against substance abuse by enabling countries to develop joint strategies and collaboration opportunities against addiction.

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