New mobile app fines smokers in banned areas

Published 01.06.2016 23:51

A new mobile app "Yeşil Dedektör" (Green Detector) developed by the Health Ministry and the Green Crescent Society - known as "Yeşilay" in Turkish - allows users to notify the related authorities that there are smokers in non-smoking areas or indoor areas where smoking is prohibited. Upon being notified, a team arrives to fine the person smoking or the venue that allows smoking. The app will be launched in Istanbul first before being expanded to other areas. Hakan Özöncel of Turkish Green Crescent Society said the app was developed to raise public awareness and urge more people to conform to the law prohibiting smoking in indoor areas since 2008. In Turkey, around 16 million people are smokers while almost 13,000 die of smoking-related diseases around the world per day.

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