Cheap sunglasses threaten eye health

Published 18.04.2017 23:22
Cheap sunglasses threaten eye health

Cheap sunglasses that do not offer UV (ultraviolet) protection can cause damage to the eye, said Professor Emin Kurt, an ophthalmologist at Celal Bayar University in Manisa, Turkey.

"Cheap sunglasses sold on the streets cause more harm than good, since they do not offer UV protection. Using these glasses can be especially dangerous for children," said Professor Kurt.

UV lights are dangerous for eye health and can cause permanent sunburn to the eyes. As these lights can damage certain layers of human eyes, they threaten eyesight as well.

Professor Kurt said that eyes have their own protection mechanism. Eyelids prevent extra light from entering our eyes while the iris gets smaller in bright light, in order to protect eyesight.

"Cheap sunglasses, however, can only limit the amount of light getting in, causing the irises to open wide. But, because the glasses cannot prevent UV lights from entering, this results in permanent eye damage."

The damage done by the cheap sunglasses does not reveal itself right away, but in the long-run may lead to various eyesight issues, including macular degeneration.

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