Go easy on food after Ramadan, doctors warn

SAMSUN, Turkey
Published 21.06.2017 23:42
Go easy on food after Ramadan, doctors warn

After fasting for 30 days, Muslims are getting ready for Eid al-Fıtr, the Ramadan holiday. However, doctors are warning that you should be careful of your diet once the fasting is over.

Samsun Public Health Director Dr. Mustafa Kasapoğlu warned that excessive food consumption following Ramadan might lead to many health problems related to the stomach and intestine.

"During Ramadan, the metabolism slows that as people reduce their meals. The first thing to do is help the metabolism get back to normal," Dr. Kasapoğlu said.

To ease this transition, experts advise to eat small amounts of food in three hours. Moreover, the water consumption should be increased while consumption of tea and coffee should be reduced.

Since the Ramadan holiday is the times where families get together and have big meals, to avoid any physical ailment, it's better not to ask for a second plate.

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