Prolonged sitting, standing poses health risks


Living in a crowded city like Istanbul means you have to spend a lot of time on public transportation or in your car. However, spending too much time in the same position can lead to strains or injuries to your neck and back.

According to Dr. Fatih Han Bölükbaşı, staying in the same position for too long causes lazy muscles, which can eventually lead to neck and back pain. Bölükbaşı said if people sitting in public transportation switch places with those standing, the chances of muscle-related injuries drop drastically.

"When people travel standing up in public transportation, they tend to hold on to the bars. When people hold these bars in the same position for too long, they suffer from muscle spasms. If the seated travelers would give up their seats for those standing, it would be healthier for everyone," Bölükbaşı said.

Muscle-related health problems can also be an issue for people who work sitting in front of a computer. People sitting in the same position all day experience small spasms that lead to lazy muscles. Bölükbaşı also advised changing positions every few minutes and taking short walks during the day.

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