Too much exercise might lead to depression, addiction

MANİSA, Turkey

Exercising regularly for at least three hours a week is good for physical and mental health, but too much does more harm than good.

According to Professor Artuner Deveci of Celal Bayar University's Department of Psychology, too much exercise can cause exercise addiction, which can lead to depression, anxiety disorder, and even alcohol and substance addiction.

"The most evident sign of exercise addiction is an increase in exercising hours. When a person feels depressed and anxious when he or she cannot exercise, it is clear that they are doing too much of if that lack of exercise is a means of unhappiness. This is similar to substance addiction," Professor Deveci pointed out.

Deveci also said doing sports is an important part of healthy living, but when it is not balanced, it can cause more harm than good.

The best way to avoid exercise addiction is to work with a personal trainer. Since the activities are observed by a trainer, it is easy to keep the exercise at a healthy level. Also keep in mind that too much exercise does not mean faster weight loss or a healthier life right away.

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