Alzheimer's patients attend rehabilitation classes at 'Morale House'

Published 30.12.2018 22:33
Updated 31.12.2018 08:00

"Morale House", established by the Gaziantep Municipality with the support of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policies, helps patients with Alzheimer's disease by organizing events and workshops under the leadership of 71-year-old retired teacher Mehmet Duran Doğan, who is also an Alzheimer's patient.

Seven months ago, the management of Morale House reached out to the retiree and invited him to the facility to help him and use his services as a teacher.

Dr. Serdar Tolay, who works for the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, said: "Doğan told us that he wants to teach classes. We created several classes, and he teaches geography, history and he shares his life experiences as well as his journey with Alzheimer's. He helps himself, while helping others with their rehabilitation."

So far, 75 Alzheimer's patients have been attending the rehab program at Morale House, and 41 patients are currently being rehabilitated. Patients attend therapies such as handicrafts, intellectual games, music and drama. Morale House tries to prolong the transition period between the phrases of Alzheimer's as much as possible.

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