Sleepers kept in line with new smart bed

Published 20.02.2019 00:07

It is important to stay in your own lane while driving, but it is also crucial to do the same in bed as well.

Inspired by their lane-keeping technology, automotive manufacturer Ford came up with a new-age bed that help couples own their sides while sleeping.

The prototype of the Lane-Keeping Bed uses the company's automobile Lane-Keeping Aid to ensure that greedy sleepers stay in their lane all night long. The bed uses pressure sensors to identify when someone has moved into their partner's side of the bed and "gently returns them to where they should be with the help of an integrated conveyor belt." As the tilt is gentle, the sleepers are not awakened, enabling couples to spend an uninterrupted night's sleep on their own sides.

It is not certain whether the technology will be adopted in everyday life but for those who are having problems sharing space, this technology is heaven-sent.

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