5 significant colors for women's diets

Published 30.08.2019 00:15
Updated 30.08.2019 00:37
Yellow foods are vital in women’s diets as they are good for reproductive health.
Yellow foods are vital in women’s diets as they are good for reproductive health.

The right foods help women maintain both their health and fitness. Specialist dietitian Nilay Keçeci Arpacı said women should take advantage of the power of colorful foods to protect their health, explaining the importance of colorful nutrition for overall health.

Yellow foods for reproductive health

Yellow fruit and vegetables, particularly lemons, aid women's reproductive health and are often required in diet plans. Lemons can be consumed during the day in the form of flavoring for salads or meals. Lemons, which are a source of vitamin c, prevent the formation of bacteria in the body and offer immune system benefits. Another important food is yellow peppers. Yellow peppers, high in vitamins and minerals, can be consumed during meals or in salads. Yellow peppers are important for women's vaginal and perineurium health. Yellow foods also play an important role in regulating the digestive system and brain function.

Avoid cancer with purple foods

Purple options, which provide important antioxidants due to purple pigments called anthocyanins, suppress cancer cells and enhance the immune system. Anthocyanins, which give color to purple foods, also serve as anti-aging tools. For instance, beetroot protects against cancer with its high antioxidants. Beetroot, which can be consumed in salads, plays an active role in liver health in women. It also plays an active role to fight many skin diseases that may originate from the liver.

Another miracle food is purple grapes. Purple grapes, which can lower cancer risk in women, also support brain development. Due to the fiber and vitamins they contain, they help remove toxic substances in the body and play a role in brain health and development.

Maintain weight with green food

Broccoli is one of the primary green foods that should be consumed. Broccoli is high in vitamin c and fiber. Paired with a proper nutritional plan, broccoli is effective in the prevention of obesity. It is also effective in the protection of organs such as the brain and eyes due to its high antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids. Another green nutrient that women should consume for their health is avocado, which is rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Red foods for immune system

Offering rich antioxidants, tomatoes help prevent both vaginal and heart diseases. They restore the immune system and are good for ear, nose and throat diseases. Red apples also contain plenty of vitamins, while their antioxidants are helpful for fighting many diseases in women. They are also effective against upper respiratory tract infections, discharge and similar complaints.

Orange foods for eye health

Apricots, one of the foods that should be consumed frequently for eye and sexual health in women, can be consumed as a snack or in the form of compote every day. Apricots also balance blood sugar levels. Another important orange option is carrots. Carrots, with high vitamin a content, are also crucial for eye health in women. Consuming one carrot a day positively affects eye health. They are also effective against diseases of the immune system.

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