2,700-year-old goddess statue discovered underwater in Turkey

Published 22.01.2017 00:11
emDHA Photo/em
DHA Photo

Archaeologists have uncovered a rare ceramic statue of a Cypriot goddess dating back 2,700 years underwater in Turkey's Mediterranean resort town of Marmaris on Saturday.

The 60-cm statue was found at a depth of 43 meters beneath the surface by a group of archaeologists from the Dokuz Eylül University who are conducting a research in a shipwreck discovered in November.

The team has unearthed only the bottom half of the statue, however, further efforts are underway to find the remaining part, said Professor A. Harun Özdaş, who leads the research team.

"We estimate that the second part of the statue of the goddess is in the same location, the original length of the statue should be about 120 centimeters," Özdaş said.

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