Diwan Lughat al-Turk, Piri Reis map in UNESCO's Memory of the World Register

Published 01.11.2017 20:02
Updated 02.11.2017 12:19
The world map drawn by Piri Reis.
The world map drawn by Piri Reis.

After the International Consultative Committee Meeting, which was held between Nov. 24 and 27 at UNESCO's Paris Headquarters, 78 new items from around the world were included in UNESCO's Memory of the World Register.

The nomination files of Diwan Lughat al-Turk (Compendium of Turkic dialects) and the Map of Piri Reis, which have been prepared by experts from the UNESCO Turkish National Commission, were registered after being examined by the Consultative Committee of UNESCO's Memory of the World Program. Diwan Lughat al-Turk (Compendium of the Turkic Dialects) is the first known dictionary of Turkic languages and was written by Mahmud Kashgari in the 11th century in Central Asia.

The Map of Piri Reis shows that these works are important at the universal level. Diwan Lughat al-Turk, the Map of Piri Reis, Kültepe Tablets, Evliya Çelebi's Seyahatname (Evliya Çelebi's Book of Travels), Istanbul Süleymaniye Library Avicenna Writings Collection, Boğazköy Hittite Tablets, Boğaziçi University Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute Kandilli Observatory Writings are among Turkey's legacies in the Memory of the World Program, which includes documentary items such as papyrus, clay tablets, films, records and digital files from around the world.

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