442-year-old house to become boutique hotel in Turkey’s Sivas

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A historical building completed in 1576 in central Turkey's Sivas province is set to become a boutique hotel after its restoration is completed.

The restoration project of the 442-year-old Behram Pasha Han will reportedly be completed in six months.

"It is a big pleasure for us to make this place that has years of history live again," said Sivas mayor Sami Aydın.

In Ottoman times, hans were important commercial centers, often including lodging, stables, storage depot and marketplace into one building, to accommodate caravans and traders.

The restored site will include meeting halls, restaurants, cafes, saunas and hamams (Turkish baths).

After the restoration, which began in 2015, is complete, Behram Pasha Han is expected to attract thousands of tourists to its historical and cultural site.

Visitors to Sivas can view sites showcasing 13th-century Seljuk architecture— including intricately-designed Islamic madrasas and the Grand Mosque (Ulu Camii), completed in 1196—as well as more recent Ottoman works including multiple 16th-century Turkish baths. Sivas is also well-known for its thermal springs, visited for their healing properties.

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